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After the Robot 2.0 teaser was available, it is the most awaited Indian film. It was made in South India but it has massive anticipation in Bollywood due to the presence of Akshay Kumar. The teaser of this movie launched in 3D. Rather than a teaser, it was more like a graphical representation. But after seeing it, there are many symbolisms which audience can relate to. Let us help you in interpreting it.

“The world is not only for Humans”, it is the tagline of the movie which indicates that the world does not only consists of Humans but also of Robots or Supernatural Powers. Thus we can somewhat interpret that it is the battle between the two superheroes or the villains.

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Rajinikanth is playing a role of Chitti whereas Akshay Kumar is playing a role of Dr. Richard. The movie shows that the Earth is under threat from the evil Akshay Kumar who wants to invade earth. He is a raven like mutant and raven is also a form of crow. In the promo, there was no image of Rajinikanth whereas in the starting, Akshay Kumar is visible. The teaser does not contain any dialogue. What is just great about the movie is the background score of AR Rahman.

But let us break some interesting twist for you that along with the character of Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth also have gray shades. This was even mentioned by Rajinikanth during the launch. He also stated that Akshay Kumar is the real hero of Robot 2.0

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The feather of Raven attacked by the bullet of Robot. What interpretation we can get from this? First, it means that natural powers are attackable by artificial intelligence. This can also give us an idea that Rajinikanth can turn out to be a bigger villain. Coming for cultural depictions of ravens, it is a symbol of God in the Games of Thrones. But, in Tamil Nadu, raven is relates to evil. So, this movie can also be about the evil battles vs traditional good.

As the teaser is in 3D, viewers need to have 3D glasses to see it. The normal promo may be available later on YouTube. This movie is shot in 3D but will be available in 3D and 2D simultaneously. As the teaser just shows the introductory promo so we can’t rate it. But it will surely set new standards and benchmarks in Indian cinema.



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