Regret is a human emotion that has a strong impact of our lives. It has power to ruin a life and the capacity to improve oneself.

Regret is a kind of emotion which arises when you have done something wrong. It can also emerge when you haven’t done something at all. It doesn’t only come through deeds but also through words and actions. There are some situations which are common for all due to which we experience the feeling of regret:
* When we are angry and we utter harsh words or say something which we shouldn’t have.
* Expectations especially in relationships. When we trust someone blindly but that person turns out to be entirely opposite.
* Helping someone but the other person doesn’t value our efforts.
* After purchasing something which turned out to be not so useful. When the product have some faults.
* Spending money without thinking.

All this leads to regret because of the in-completion of the expected outcome. Our any action involves time or money. Due to the wasting of these resources, it results into the frustration that further leads to regret.

There comes a time when we make the best possible decision from the resulting situation. But the things go wrong due to other factors which were not in our control then regret is pointless. We have made ourselves in such a way that we regret even though if it is not our mistake.

Regretting the things we have not done.
We can also regret our inaction when we should have done something but we didn’t. People think that doing nothing is easier and safer rather than making a decision and acting on it. We often fail to see what we are going to lose if we don’t take actions and make a choice. We often regret when we look back that doing nothing makes us feel more regret than doing something.

Taking risk is a way to avoid anticipated regret that comes from unexpected outcome from an imagined one.
Actions are better than doing nothing. Believing that regret is pointless at the times when the situation was not under our control. It may help you to avoid feeling low at the situation. It can also help us in a positive way by keeping us in track and thinking before doing things.



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