Is Love enough to make Marriage?


What do we all look for marriages? Girls mostly look for a rich and well settled boy. If asks for the further requirements then they are surely going to specify the few members in a family and a maid. If the same question is asked from a boy then answers will be different but some are similar. The similar answers are pretty looking or beautiful, one who respects his family and knows household chores. Isn’t love something unique? Aren’t we looking for someone who is not like others? But coming to the marriages, we all have some common rituals. Rich marriages rich and the poor marriages poor. Is love enough to make marriage?

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When it comes to the marriage, we all look for the things which are materialistic. Don’t you get agree with me? If I ask you that are you ready to marry a person who is beggar? Most of you will definitely say NO, it is going to be a sure denial to the proposal. How many of you are going to marry a girl who is a rape or an acid victim? May be just a single or two.Many are afraid that their ego will get hurt, what others will think and that they deserve better. These people are unique who decides to take a bold step to demolish the rituals which exists from long. The common rituals hold us like a strong chain that girl should be pretty enough to show others; we should get a dowry or say gifts to show-off.

This makes the relation weak as we are not ready to accept the person as they are. For the acceptance we are looking for the outer things. These things are not permanent. Will the old age not allow the wrinkles on the face? Or will the rich remain as they are? Isn’t there any possibility of the things getting changed in future? No, no promise or guarantee is there of anything. But, yes assurance of the love in the heart remains as it is. No matter, what the time is, how the situations are what started as a love will remain as a love.

Acceptance is necessary in love. If you don’t accept the other person whole through your heart then you are surely mistaken that it is a love. Love has no conditions and boundaries. If I put a question forward to you that “Is love enough to make marriage”, then most of you might answer YES but there comes the conditions along. Marriage is not a relation of two people but two culture, two families and many more things. But if we look at the roots then they are tied to you two. And if that are shakable then don’t expect this relation to last forever.

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Love has created miracles and this is very-well proved in history as well as you are further more going to see in future. When you love someone whole heartedly, you don’t need any more reason to spend your life together with him or her. If you love, you understand each other and when you understand you become compatible. What is more important in a relationship than compatibility? Compatible people rise together as well as fall together.

If you think he carries an attitude that you are unable to bear then let love take hold of all this as love between you wants you two to become better for each other. You will see things getting themselves at their pace either he will change or you will start accepting the way he is. No one is perfect in this whole world and we really need to remember that. Nobody is going to give you a perfect life. But you can make it worthwhile spending it with someone whom you know, understand and love.

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Things get better when you put efforts. There lies a difference when you try at your best to make things better or when you simply sit hoping that you deserve better or best things will come to you. Same situation applies in the relationship. Don’t think someone is going to appear from your dreams. No, this is not going to happen. Love is all which is necessary to make marriage. Rest is the demands to satisfy one while thinking of the society. Imagine having someone who can give you everything money, beauty and well-settled life but not love. Will he give you importance? Think about the fact whether he will understand your emotions. Will you be able to live this way?



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