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FaceTime-Social Networking App seems a new word to many but is similar to Skype. Gaining popularity within few days is a real achievement of this application. Many people find themselves liking this application. This app is related to FaceTime Communications.

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The very famous Apple is a developer of this app. IOS initial release was on June 24, 2010 whereas Mac initial release was on February 24, 2011. Mac size is 8.8 MB and is available in 16 languages. Some of the languages in which it is available are German, English, Italian etc. Unable to get access in some of the countries which have strict regulations such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Carries the feature of one-on-one video chat, this means that only two people can talk to each other at a time. Customers are allowed to use it as long as they want to use it but this application is blocked for those customers which have unlimited data pack. It is accessible everywhere as it works over cellular network as well as Wi-Fi. Provides an outstanding features of Social Networking, Videotelephony, Voice over IP (VOIP). It works seamlessly over 3G on all iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch models that supports it. Presently, it is incompatible with non-Apple devices or any other video calling services.

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It get pause, if the person is talking and he/she receives message, emails or other notifications in between when they look at them.

FaceTime HD camera captures 81 percent of light due to its large aperture and all- new sensor technology. Capturing of 10 photos per second is a main feature of  this app. Provides a great help to let people stay in touch with their friends and family members via video chat. Uses extremely high-quality audio for video calls.

Conversation over FaceTime is secured as it is protected by end-to-end encryption. Only sender and receiver can have access to the information regarding their conversation. So, FaceTime calls and iMessages are highly secure and provide high privacy.

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