Destinations to celebrate New Year in India!


A lot of people believe in celebrating New Year with great joy and happiness. A lot of people believe in celebrating New Year while going out of the country. Many are still panning and deciding where to visit this New Year. Some go to a very romantic location with their loved ones while other choose a wild place. It totally depends on what kind of a person you are. But the only thing what matters the most is the atmosphere of welcoming this New Year with a blast. But why don’t we change our thinking about celebrating our New Year in abroad. Why don’t we celebrate it in our own country? I mean there are many places in India where New Year is welcomed. You are surely going to enjoy there. Here are some destinations to celebrate New Year in India-

1. Goa

Almost all of us are aware that nearly half of the India wants to go to Gap for partying. It is one of the right places to visit for an amazing New Year’s eve. It totally depends on you whether you need to be there as a couple to enjoy or want to party like an animal on the beach. You have all the options in Goa.

2. Mumbai

City that never sleeps is Mumbai. This is why, when the clock strikes 12 on 30th midnight of New Year, you will able to see a whole different world. It is your choice either to start your fresh year by sitting on Marine Drive or hit any of the most famous clubs of Mumbai.

3. Manali

Freezing place at the time of New Year, Manali is the favourite place for the visitors to celebrate upcoming year. What is the best thing about Manali? Well, it is all about to feel like you are in the heaven under snow. Manali is your dream destination if you want to begin your New Year with all things beautiful.

4. Shimla

If you want to celebrate your New Year with snowfall, then Shimla is the right place for you. In facf, apart from the amazing snowfall and beautiful hills, you will be able to get the perfect feel of celebrations. As New Year is celebrated with a lot of preparations over there. Furthermore, churches are decorated so beautifully that you will be able to get a feel of USA.

5. Kerala

This place has its own style of celebrating New Year. Kerala does not involve partying much but it is beautifully decorated. But if you wish to celebrate New Year in a very different way then Kerala is an amazing option.

Celebrations is not only about the place. Remember, what matters a most is the company you have which ever place you go to. Being with the right company is what will make your New Year great.





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