Beautiful puzzled pieces of life


Beautiful puzzled pieces of life,
Messed up views in front of eyes,
Unknown feelings with a mixture of known,
Hardcore emotions to be thrown.

Deeply settled issues and fierce soul,
Obstacles distracting from the goal,
Shaking legs with unbearable fear,
Wishing faith in myself will reappear.

Bright warmth of the inner soul,
Pushing me to play my different role,
No shade no corner to relax,
No option of changing the track,
Keep walking with belief of learning,
Don’t let it blow out the soul which is burning.



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Anamika Sharma
One of the founders of Ingenious Scribblers. I am currently pursuing in Electronics and Telecommunications. I never thought of blogging but I used to write since my childhood. Writing is my passion for which I can not compromise with anything else in my life. I have written hundreds of poems and few short stories. I never thought I would take my writing so seriously. It was just for letting my feelings out. Then, I started doing my internship in content writing and then I decided it is the field where I want to pursue my career.



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