Leaving the world is a better option
Rather than getting a blame of abortion
The child inside is eager to see the world
But totally unaware about the outside dirt

Image result for mother crying due to abortion

I can feel the happiness of the inside living
Jumping, rolling and kicking
It is all said by tears rolling down my eyes
How difficult it is for me to decide

Image result for mother crying due to abortion

For them it is just a matter of ego
But how can I not notice the echo
Echo of the heartbeats that I hear every time
Sorry everyone, I am not ready to make that crime.



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Anamika Sharma
One of the founders of Ingenious Scribblers. I am currently pursuing B.tech in Electronics and Telecommunications. I never thought of blogging but I used to write since my childhood. Writing is my passion for which I can not compromise with anything else in my life. I have written hundreds of poems and few short stories. I never thought I would take my writing so seriously. It was just for letting my feelings out. Then, I started doing my internship in content writing and then I decided it is the field where I want to pursue my career.


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