Things to Survive your Love Relationship during Lockdown

The current pandemic has put couples through the test of endurance. For some couples, it has yielded the positive effect while others had valuable learning. Relationship during lockdown is going through ups and downs.

Spending this time together could be a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship for those who are staying together. But the others, who are in a long-distance relationship are having a really tough time. So, lockdown may benefit some while others are still facing a challenging time. A major question arises, ‘Will our relationship survive the lockdown?’

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Couples are looking for different ways of conflict resolution. All relationship will experience some form of conflict as no one is immune to relationship conflict. But the way you deal with it will MAKE or BREAK your relationship.

Few Things to Survive your Love Relationship during Lockdown

1. Compromise

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is going through the one trauma or the other. For a healthy relationship, it is important that each member should compromise at one point or the other. Compromise is a major part of conflict resolution. But it is totally understandable that some conflicts cannot be solved until you meet and talk your heart out.

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2. Respect Each Other

Respect form the basis of all relationships. Remember to respect each other even during the times of arguments. Give them their space, let them be alone so that they can think rationally. Just because you are frustrated and traumatized, no one gives you the right to harm or disrespect others.

3. Take disagreement in a positive way

Frustration may take over you because you are fighting too much and couldn’t solve the issue. It is best to just drop it. Sometimes, it is good to leave things as they are. Concentrate on things which matters for both of you. When you can’t find the solution leaving things is a better option. As said, ‘Time heals everything’.

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4. Find the real issue

When you are not able to fulfill your partner’s needs and wants then there are high chances of arguments and fights. It is important to express your feelings and it is more important to hear your partner out. May be, then you will get to know where that frustration is coming from. This will make things easier. See if you can solve things out or help your partner to feel the other way.

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5. Take care of your own anxieties

Everyone is frustrated due to this lockdown. So, don’t expect your partner to understand you every time. Even they are going through the same situation. First, try to handle things at your own level. If you are not able to solve things by yourself then reach out for help.

6. Have extra patience

If your partner is anxious, panicking or frustrated then try to understand what they are going through. Be extra tolerant towards them. Try to relax some boundaries. During such situations, please remind yourself that people can be quite emotional and stressed during this time.

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Lockdown is affecting almost everyone and everything. Losing someone because the situation is not in your favor won’t work. Relax and think why the other person is important to you. Try to understand things and be more tolerant. Take out sometime to sort out your things. See what is more important to you. Things will get better but this is the time when we really need each other.

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