Are the fights in a relationship healthy or an indication to leave?

Do all couples fight?

Lots of things scare the hell out of me when it comes to the real and serious relationship. But do you know what is one thing that terrifies any person in the relationship the most? Fighting, but how to know are the fights in your relationship healthy or an indication to leave?

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Even the best of the couple’s fight. Arguing, disagreeing and fighting seems to be a normal part of any serious relationship. But the problem here is that not everybody likes to fight. Moreover, I would say that some people really do hate it. But the question which arises in everybody’s mind is that

“Is it worth enough to stay in a relationship even after constant fighting?”

Want to know whether the fights in a relationship healthy or an indication to leave? We are not going to debate it for a long time. Instead, you just need to ask yourself a question “Will you still stay in relationship happily for the rest of your life if nothing is going to change?” if your answer is a simple NO, then I guess here is your answer. But if it falls under the category of maybe then you can still give a try to change both the sides if you want to. If you can figure out the things then you can compromise and sort out your battles then it is the key. But never just presume things. I am talking about the things that may be going in your head such as you may think that when you get married things are going to be okay. Then this may really disappoint you if both of you do not put your efforts. But there are chances that things get better if you can openly communicate your needs and concerns to your partner who is also willing to change. Then you are moving towards a healthy relationship.

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Can relationships fight be healthy?

It is nowhere written that a perfect relationship means zero conflict. But it means to put your efforts by having better communication and understanding to resolve that conflict. Try to maintain positive feelings for each other and things are going to be okay. It is not about the quantity of the fights but about its quality.

It may seem ridiculous to you but there are times when people fight when they get bored. Yes, this is true because they think they have got nothing better to do rather than picking on the people who are close to you. But how do you know if this fight is for time being or something deeper?

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You should have the courage to accept reality that fights in a relationship are sometimes normal. Also, take some time to check in with yourself. Are you looking at other people outside of this relationship? Do you want to live your life happily all alone? Are you willing to end this relationship? Do you feel that you are getting bored with your relationship? Are you bored with your partner?

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In every relationship, there comes a time when you feel distant and disconnected especially during the time of stress but the people who have the ability to come together and re-learn about each other. It is important to feel the warmth towards each other for a happy and content relationship.

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