10 places in India which you must visit to experience snowfall

People living in plains or in Southern India have fascination for snow. In Northern plains, people experience dry harsh winters while in South, the temperature steers clear of single digit. Well, it is time for these people to visit the places where they can experience snowfall. Here is a list of 10 places in India which you must visit to experience snowfall and where you can have snowball fights and occasionally slip and fall. And you can do it irrespective of the time of the year. Why to visit such a place? Because everyone deserves a snowman that can melt for you.

1. Shimla

It is the favorite place for everyone at any time of the year. One can have more fun in winters here due to the snowfall which also enhances the beauty of Shimla. Not only this, but it is also one of the most popular as well as heavily commercialized Hill station present in North India. For snow lovers and enthusiasts, it is an ideal place to visit in winters. Earlier, it was summer capital of British India and hence one can find several remnants of Colonial era architecture here. You can also visit the nearby places Kasauli, Mashobra and Chail. This place is never going to disappoint you so you can head here to enjoy snowfall, pleasant weather and picturesque sceneries.

Snow season: Between December and January


2. Ladakh

During most winters, Lee remains beyond reach of people due to harsh climatic conditions. But Chadar Trek is on the list of every true traveler and trekkers. Here, you will get an experience which you won’t get anywhere else. This trek is of 9 days across the Zanskar River. It starts from January and continues till February or even March. Many group and organization participate in it enthusiastically. A piece of advice is necessary here and that is this trek is only for the trekkers. Chadar Trek is very fascinating to have an amazing snowfall experience in India.

Snow season: January-February

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3. Nainital

If you want to enjoy snowfall without facing the extraordinarily harsh temperatures then this is just the right place for you. It is a simple tourist spot where you can enjoy lakes and viewpoints. Nainital has immense scenic beauty. Tagline given to this place is ‘Lake district of India’ due to the number of lakes present here. One of the best places in Nainital from where you can view snowfall is Snow Point and you can get there through ropeway. Even though it has become a commercialized place but believe me it is worth it.

Snow season: Between October to February

Snow View Point Nainital (Timings & Location) - Nainital Tourism 2020

4. Sonamarg, Kashmir

If there is paradise in India which is full of snow then believe me it is here. It is snow lover’s paradise in winters. Due to the, glaciers, frozen lakes and snow carpets, this place is translating to ‘The Meadow of Gold’. It is a popular destination especially for snow and mountain lovers. During winters, you can see and experience the beautiful sight of sheet of snow in the peak. While the rest of the country plans for summer in April, you can occasionally find snow here at that time. As summer hit this place a bit late. Not only for snowfall but this place is also great for rafting and trekking. It you are visiting this place in summer then remember to visit Thajiwas Glacier.

Snow season: November-April

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5. North Sikkim

It is an evergreen snow place in India. For the entire year, you can find snow near Tsomgo Lake, Nathula, Yumthang but April is a good time to visit. While for the rest of the places in North Sikkim, between October to December is a good time to visit. Due to the heavy snowfall, most of the areas here are either blocked or shut down. So, always check before you plan for any trip. Especially, if you are visiting this place during winters then be ready to face harsh climatic conditions. But you will find all the hurdles worth once you experience spectacular views of snowfall. During monsoon, avoid visiting this place as snow start melting at this time and heavy rains are also there.

Snow season: October to December. For Yumthang, April is a good time.

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6. Gulmarg

It is an infinitely picturesque snow place where you can enjoy skiing as well as snowboarding. Gulmarg is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a premier hill resort in North India. Every year, thousands of tourists are attracted towards the exceptional beauty of this place and also due to its proximity to Srinagar. This place is very delightful in summer but it is more fun in winters here as tourists can indulge in various adventure sports activities such as skiing, snowboarding, the famous Gondola cable ride and trekking. While you are here, don’t miss the panoramic view of Mount Kanchenjunga.  If you are planning to climb Nanga Parbat and peaks of the Pir Panjal Range, then Gulmarg act as the base camp for mountaineers.

Snow season: December to early March

Come and view snow peak mountains of Gulmarg; experience Gandola ...

7. Manali and Rohtang Pass

A very famous and beautiful hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. Surrounding Himalayan peaks and gorgeous valleys makes it look more attractive to visitors. It is often visited together with Rohtang Pass and when both the places are clubbed together then they make one of the most popular snow places on India. While you are in Manali, you must try Solang valley and adventure sports activities such as skiing, mountaineering and trekking. Before you head off to this place, please check on traffic as traffic jam and blockage are common here. Don’t forget not to visit this place between January and April as it is closed during these months. And also avoid visiting this place during monsoon.

Snow season for Manali: Between October and March

Snow season for Rohtang: October to December

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8. Auli

Auli is just the winter wonderland of India. Among travelers, it is the favorite snow places in India. You will find many skiing resorts here that also mark the skiing championship and festivals. Its perfect snow-clad slop are only meant for skiing. Not only for skiing but it is also the perfect place to see snow in India. It is a small offbeat hill station and that is why it was not so famous before but it is now. You can encounter some panoramic view of mountain peaks of the Himalayas, such as Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet. Also, you can pay a visit to Jo shipmate which is a religious place for Hindus.

Snow season: Between January and March

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9. Hemkund Sahib Valley of Flowers

Hemkund Sahib is a gurudwara between lake and snow and now you may realize how beautiful it must be. It is also called as ‘Lake of Snow’ which remains closed between December and May. But if want to experience snowfall than October and early December is just the perfect time. It is located at an altitude of 4,600 meters above the sea level. This gurudwara is dedicated to the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.  Due to the harsh climatic condition, it is not at all easy to reach this place. But the efforts are worth putting to see this splendid place.

Snow season: October to December

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10. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is the hidden beauty present in North-East and if you want to experience nature at its finest then definitely this is the right place to do it. Not only snow-clad mountains but you will also find sky-high, gushing waterfalls and dense forests. This place is just the perfect one for all snow lovers and enthusiasts. Apart from natural scenic beauty, it houses a 400 year of monastery. Thus, Tawang is an important center for pilgrimage for Buddhists all over India.

Snow season: Between December to January

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