Letting go or hold on of a relationship

At one point in time in a relationship, we all come across a situation where we need to decide between letting go or hold on of a relationship. Often we always end up thinking that we should try a little harder. Also, you decide not to leave first as you do so your partner may hold a grudge against you for leaving first. But what is sadder is that you get hurt and deep wounds in the process of just a last try. It sounds bitter but what is not working and we need to accept it. Maybe both of you are not destined to be together. Here are some signs which can help you to know letting go or hold on of a relationship:

1. Barely feel a need to talk

When your relationship has come to a point where you avoid talking to each other and the name of your partner on your cell phone does not excite you anymore. Then you have to believe that it is over. There is no point in continuing the relationship whose strings are not attached.

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2. Everything turns into a fight or argument

When you start turns into an argument or fight even though you didn’t plan on fighting then it should surely bother you. For sustaining the relationship, a level of understanding should be there. Imagine, can you send your whole life with a person who cannot tolerate you for a minute?

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3. No fascination in dates

When both of you have nothing to talk about and you don’t cherish the time that you spend together then it clearly shows that your relationship is out of fuel. If you are in love then you can’t get enough of your partner. You don’t need to hold on to a person just because you are afraid of missing them or being lonely.

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4. No reciprocation of your feelings

Even after chasing your partner, you do not get the perfect response which you deserve. At some point in time, you start feeling bad about yourself and find it very difficult to appreciate or cherish anything in your life. Even after spending such a long time together, you still feel incomplete. If you are going through all this then trust me it is a high time you should decide. The sooner the better.

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5. When your partner is no longer courteous to you

If you don’t feel special anymore in talking to your partner and he/she takes you for granted then it’s time to pack your bags. If you are not in the list of their priorities then it is not OK to be in the list of options for somebody.

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You don’t need to fool yourself anymore. I know it is the hardest feel and a move that you have to take in your life. This pain is unbearable but if you want to live your life to the fullest then you must do it.

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