The land of lavish hills-Prince Edward Island

One of the eastern Canada’s maritime empire known as Prince Edward Island lies off the east coast of New Brunswick province. Until the completion of eight mile Coalition in 1997, the place was only reachable by plane or boat. The lavish hills of Prince Edward Island are bounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sea right in the center of the island also is loaded with creatures like mussel, oysters, tuna and lobsters.

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Charlottetown, the capital of Prince Edward Island is known for being the origin of modern Canada. As the country separated into British Colonies till the 19th century, Delegates decided to furnace modern Canada in 1864. The another name of non-vehicle street of Charlottetown is the Victoria Row which is the heart of the capital. The seafood on the street shops of Prince Edward Island is loved by most of the visitors. Mackinnon’s Lobster Pound is one of those shops which offer large varieties of seafood like clams, mussels and the famous red crustacean.

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Prince Edward Island National Park was founded in 1998 to reserve rare plants and animals of the island. On the east side of the island are the beaches and Red Point Provincial Park. Red Point Provincial Park is basically a blend of red precipices, forests and ocean as well. And when you walk along the beach near the Provincial Park, you will definitely hear the famous singing sands. You can then take the Confederation Bridge to reach New Brunswick. But before that walk through the messy fishing village Victoria-by-the-Sea of Prince Edward Island which was once a port. There you will find a Lighthouse by the back of Victoria-by-the-Sea which is last major attraction of the Island.

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There are no direct flights from United States to reach Prince Edward Island. Either you can travel through connecting flights or take the train “The Ocean” which runs from Montreal to Monkton in New Brunswick.



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